About us

Our Vision

To create a thriving community of people who are truly Enjoying Life OTR. We work hard but are trying to take advantage of the opportunity to travel. We maintain work/life balance and share ideas to inspire each other.

We get it

We travel all over the nation, but it takes time and effort to overcome the truck-parking challenges. Most days it’s not worth the trouble to find time to explore.

We make it work

Once in a while, we find a way to make it work. Our schedule will allow time to explore. In our community, we we will share our adventures so others can do the same. Let’s inspire each other.

Work/Life Balance

We are working hard, so we’ll share tips to save time and money with each other. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to Enjoy Life OTR.

Meet our Founder

Cindy Tunstall drives a 26-foot box truck OTR. She loves to explore new places. She is a big-time foodie and wanted a way to find and share great restaurants with truck parking. Although there are sites that share truck parking options, Cindy couldn’t find a place for truckers who share her sense of adventure to share their stories. We all need community. Enjoying Life OTR was born out of her own desire to connect with like-minded drivers who are Enjoying Life OTR.


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