Wrigley Field Adventure

Take Me Out to the BallPark

Since my home team, the Texas Rangers, are heading to the World Series, I thought I would share a baseball OTR adventure.

GO RANGERS!!! Whooo hooo!!!

Earlier this year, I was doing my reset in Chicago. The Cubs were in town, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Wrigley Field in person! It was end of May and the weather was PERFECT for a day game. Grabbed a single ticket online and off I went!

Excitement in the Air

Fun seeing different parts of the city from my Uber ride. Beautiful homes and tree-lined streets as my uber got closer to the ballpark. The homes had steps leading up to their front doors. It was lovely. People walking their dogs along the sidewalks. Weather was perfect–a sweet Sunday afternoon for all of us to enjoy!

Selfie time

As much as I hate paying for an uber, it sure is nice to be dropped off by the front entrance. So much excitement in the air as fans rushed in–everyone stopping by the Wrigley Field sign to take pics with their friends and family.

I enjoyed seeing so many young families at the ballpark. Reminded me of taking our girls to games. So fun!

My First Chicago Dog

Rushing into Wrigley Field for the first time, I couldn’t resist trying a classic Chicago dog. It’s not your typical hot dog – piled high with pickles, tomatoes, onions, peppers, relish, and a sprinkle of celery salt. I’ll admit, it sounded unusual, but that first bite was pure Chicago magic. Simple and yummy, it’s a taste of the Windy City that’s hard to forget.

Fantastic Seats in a great ballpark

With a single ticket, I had the chance to sit down low and truly soak in the sights and sounds of this iconic ballpark. I enjoyed the nostalgic feel of Wrigley Field. I’ve been to new stadiums with all the lights, fantastic views, and great amenities, but this was really special. Reminded me of simpler time–gave me a chance to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Had a blast cheering for the home team, but if De La Cruz had signed with the Reds before this game, it might have been a different story. Just sayin’…He is so fun to watch. The Cubs lost, but loyal fans remained until the end of the game which I always enjoy seeing. After the final pitch, I joined the crowd only to discover an unexpected bonus! There was a street music festival that night. Traffic was blocked off, turning the area into a giant block party with a variety of bands playing. It was so fun listening to the live bands. The streets were filled with people eating, drinking, and dancing. What a fantastic experience! Great way to end my Sunday in Chicago!

Not cheap but well worth it!

Sure, I spent a little money on this day trip, but it was such a fun day! I found a great ticket from a private seller online. So easy! I could have cut costs by using public transportation, but I opted for the convenience and comfort of Uber. It had been a busy week, and it was worth the money to save some effort. I just didn’t want to mess with public transportation this time–I just wanted to get to the game!

Side note…I am always eager to get out an explore a new city, but taking a bus does NOT sound like fun to me. I gotta re-frame that in my mind so I’ll do it more often. Maybe if I focus on being able to “do more and spend less” it will motivate me to take public transportation? Maybe?! So many obstacles to getting out of the truck. Gotta knock out those obstacles one at a time!

Truck parking, transportation and ticket cost can be a challenge, but it was such a great break. Have you ever caught a professional or college game in a new city? I highly recommend it. I enjoy all sports in person–baseball, football, basket, hockey. I’ve never been to a pro soccer game but I would love to. It’s a fantastic way to spend a day off. As you can tell by the lack of commentary on the actual game, I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I do enjoy a day at the ballpark– cheering for the home team was so fun. My day at Wrigley Field is a memory that I will never forget. Not sure what’s next for me, but I am continually challenging myself to create work/life balance. I love the work, and I want to take advantage of the opportunity to travel. So much to see and do! Stay tuned for more OTR adventures. This adventure written by our founder, Cindy Tunstall, but reach out if you want to share one of yours on here!

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