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For us truckers, life on the road can be a long, tiring journey. The constant hum of the engine, endless miles, and the challenge of finding suitable parking can leave us feeling exhausted and cooped up in our cabs. Sometimes, it seems like too much trouble to seek out something fun to do during those breaks, but we can make it easier for each other by sharing our adventures! We can share our hidden gems and inspire each other to get out of the truck and enjoy our down time.

Our nation’s got it all—food, views, and fun:

  • Truck-Friendly Eats: Find places to eat with easy truck parking, where you can grab a satisfying meal without the hassle.
  • Scenic Stops: Pause at national parks and rest stops for stunning views that’ll make your breaks even better.
  • Get Out There: Whether it’s fishing, shopping, catching a game, or enjoying live music, there’s plenty of fun stuff to do.

Hit the road with us, and discover the adventure just beyond the highway!

We’ve all stumbled upon these gems: those moments when we pull over to stretch our legs and are greeted by breathtaking views, or when we stop for fuel and discover a hidden culinary gem. These moments are precious, and they remind us that there’s more to life on the road than meets the eye.

That’s why we’ve created the Enjoying Life OTR Facebook group, a space where we can share our discoveries, swap stories, and inspire each other to make the most of our time on the road. We’re here to help each other overcome the challenges of truck parking and to uncover those low-cost sightseeing experiences that make our journeys memorable.

Your Safety Matters

When OTR, safety matters. This is why we created a private Facebook group, which means you can share without concern about the content being viewed by other Facebook users. Content that is posted here is just for our group members. While we want you to share your OTR adventures, we also encourage wisdom when sharing your current location. Keeping our personal safety and freight secure is always important.

No more relying on recommendations from ‘four wheelers.’ Let’s be each other’s guides to the joys of life on the over the road. Join us, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Click here to join the movement: ENJOYING LIFE OTR Facebook group!

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